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would like to take this opportunity to introduce Nikan Farayand Noandish Company as a successful manufacturer and supplier of Chemical Material in Iran, which was established in the year 2002. The main products of our company are:


·    Hydrochloric Acid

·    Sulphuric Acid

·    Sodium sulfate

·   Calcium chloride

   Sodium hypochlorite 

 Ferric Chloride(FeCl3)

Caustic Soda(NaOH)

 Dicalcium phosphate(D.C.P)

 Aluminum Sulfate (Al2(SO4)3)


  Nikan Farayand Noandish Company takes assistance of top level of experts to provide highest quality, the reasonable prices, and the most range of satisfaction for its customers. All the above activities are also supporting by the best contractors of transportation for presenting the most excellent services to clients.


Nikan Farayand Noandish Company is the largest exporter company in chemical products. Our main destination country is Iraq, Armenia, UAE, Oman, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Syria, Turkey and other country.

We export approximately 2000 Ton HCl per month and 2500 Ton H2SO4 per month just to Iraq. So we can tell you to be sure of our power in export.


 We wish the above mentioned facts could explain our activities and clarified our strategy in keeping the competitive quotation, high quality and best services for customer's satisfaction, with the aim of establishing a long term business association.



Head Office Tel:  

 +98 21 44 46  7654

 +98 21 44 46  9194 

 Sales Department:           int. 1, 2

Finance Department:    int. 4

Direct line of Export Department:   +98 21 44 61 7401

Direct line of sales Department:   +98 21 44 61 7449

MOBILE1:   +98 912  822  4641 
MOBILE2:   +98 912  1060  681





Address: Unit 5, N0 23, 9th St, Ashrafi Isfahani Ave,, Tehran, Iran


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